About Us

Cartwheel Rental

The back-story as to how Cartwheel Rental came about is a pretty fascinating one.

Stacey Stevens, the business founder, moved to Sanibel Island 20 years ago and has worked every one of those years on Sanibel and Captiva Islands.

The idea for Cartwheel Rental hit her when she was a fashion catalog producer.  In that role, she was responsible for coordinating shoots.  Often, golf carts were a prominent piece of the production design, and she came to realize there was a need and demand for that mode of transportation on Captiva.  She responded, and Captiva Island now has the unique luxury of Cartwheel Rental.

Cartwheel Rental’s Extra Touches

Not only can you rent a golf cart from Stacey, but she has added several fantastic touches to rental service.  Before Captiva Island visitors even sit in one of her golf carts, she’ll make sure they have transportation by a local provider from the airport to their vacation destination.

Those wanting to rent a golf cart don’t even have to make the trip to her business location.  Golf carts can be delivered to you at your residence or vacation rental.

Cartwheel Rental is a licensed, insured, and an incorporated business entity, and the go-to place for golf cart rentals on the island.

Stacey Stevens’ Role In The Community

Stacey Stevens has been a resident of Sanibel Island for two decades.  Her roots are firmly planted here.  Not only does she live and conduct business here, but she and her husband are raising two children on Sanibel, and she is extremely active in the community.

She is a volunteer at The Sanibel School, which has achieved national recognition in the form of a Blue Ribbon designation, placing it in the top 5% of schools in the country.

With her knowledge and connectivity to the area, Stacey knows every nook and cranny on Captiva Island.  She can recommend restaurants, museums, and certainly where the best places are to take your golf cart.