Golf Cart Rentals - Captiva Island

captiva golfcart rentals
Golf Cart Rentals - Captiva Island FL
captiva golf cart rentals

Captiva Golf Cart Rentals

Renting a golf cart for an enjoyable, relaxing ride around the beautiful, picturesque island of Captiva. If done right, the experience for both rider and the residents of the island as a whole will be a magnificent one.

Captiva Island is famous for its beaches with sugary sand, unparalleled sunsets, and a collection of absolutely gorgeous seashells you won’t find anywhere else.

The Benefits Of Golf Cart Rental

Riding golf carts allows people to take their time to see Captiva at a more leisurely pace. Without being in an automobile, there is the opportunity to catch a better view of the landscape and the indigenous wildlife. An easy stop along the paths doesn’t impede traffic, and riders can absorb what they’re seeing. Find the shops and restaurants you desire at the pace in which the residents of Captiva have become accustomed. Do it with the wind gently blowing through your hair and with every breath you take being filled with the fresh air, which can provide both relaxing and invigorating sensations.

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Golf Cart Ordinances

Cartwheel Rental wants its patrons to enjoy golf cart rentals to the fullest extent possible. Fully obeying the laws and ordinances put in place by Lee County will enrich the golf cart experience immensely.

  1. Golf carts can be operated on county roadways, in areas designated by the county Department of Transportation.
  1. Golf cart operators must be licensed drivers, with a valid license from their home state or country.
  1. Golf carts may be driven after sunset within the existing cart zone.
  1. Operate your cart in the traffic lane, not on the safety shoulder.
  1. Operate your cart wisely, obeying all the rules of the road, and common courtesies.

For more information and a comprehensive list of ordinances, please click here.  Enjoy the ride!